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Arcade 1up - Ridge Racer [11/22 2021]

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--- Quote from: MrThunderwing on October 01, 2021, 04:23:14 pm ---Ooooh, that actually looks pretty nice. I think it's a lot more aesthetically pleasing than the A1up Outrun cab. If they were to put a good selection of classic Namco racers on there this could be a nice little package. Not that we'll ever see it the UK mind...

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I'm sure Argos will stock it next year if there is demand for it.

I'm doubtful myself about that. We, as far as I'm aware, never got Outrun over here. The only cabinets Argos have got at the moment are Pacman and Street Fighter 2.

ridge racer preoreder, has 2 more games ace driver and ace driver victory lap

Whatís under the hood? A ton. Inside this arcade machine is the marquee game Ridge Racerô, and youíve also got Ridge Racer 2ô, Rave Racerô, Ace Driverô, and Ace Driver: Victory Lapô. Yep, all included, switch up your game any time!



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