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2021 NFL Last Man Standing info below

I have ran this for a decade or or more now and Chad ran it the first few years.

Rules are simple.  Choose one game each week.  Pick the winner.  If you are wrong you are eliminated from the game.  Last man standing wins.  I will keep track of everyone's picks each week and display them by editing this post.

When making a pick, highlight it in the post, so that they're easier to pick out.  I don't want to miss anyone's pick.  If you don't know how to highlight it, copy somebody else's pick and change the color name if you want.

A pick must be made every week.  Failure to make a pick results in elimination.   Picks should be posted in this thread so that people have the ability to double check my work.

You cannot pick a game with the same team two weeks in a row.  If you pick the Rams over the Titans in week 2, you cannot use either the Rams game or the Titans game in week 3.  Having everyone help with this will eliminate the possibility of a mistake on my end on this item.  You can pick a team multiple times over the season.

Entrant pool closes an hour preceding the game you want to pick.  That means that if you want to pick a Thursday game  you must do so at least an hour before the game starts.  Forum timestamps will be binding.

Good luck to all.  As always my goal is to make it out of Week 1 this year.  And the winner does receive forum rep points.

2021 Champion - wp34
2020 Rd 2 Champion -  J_K_M_A_N
2020 Rd 1 Champion - Vigo
2016 Rd 2 Champion - Cakemeister
2016 Rd 1 Champion - Markrvp
2015 Rd 2 Champion - Markrvp (again)
2015 Rd 1 Champion - Markrvp
2014 Rd 2 Champion - Matthew Anderson
2014 Rd 1 Champion - Matthew Anderson
2013 Rd 2 Champion - Malenko
2013 Rd 1 Champion - Markrvp
2012 Rd 2 Champion - Chopps
2012 Rd 1 Champion - Ahofle
2011 Rd 2 Champion -  J_K_M_A_N
2011 Rd 1 Champion - ChadTower!
2010 Champion - Matthew Anderson
2009 Champion - Ahofle
2008 Rd 2 Champion - Cakemeister
2008 Rd 1 Champion   -  J_K_M_A_N
2007 Champion   -  markrvp
2006 Champion   -  sportswizdan
2005 Champion   -  Abrannan

Week 1
J_K_M_A_N - Panthers over Jets
BadMouth - Tampa Bay Buccaneers over the Dallas Cowboys
Drnick - Tampa Bay Buccaneers over the Dallas Cowboys
wp34 - Chargers over the Washington Football Team
hoopz - Niners over Lions
Malenko - Vikings over Bengals
chopps - Ravens over Raiders
pbj - Raiders over Ravens

Week 2 picks:
Hoopz - Bucs over Falcons
wp34 - Rams over Dolts
J_K_M_A_N - Cards over Viqueens
BadMouth - Browns over Texans
Drnick - Bills over Fins
pbj - Saints over Panthers

Week 3:
Hoopz - Cards over Jags
wp34 - Broncos over Jets
J_K_M_A_N - Raiders over Fins
Drnick - Panthers over Texans
BadMouth - Raiders over Fins

Week 4
Hoopz - Bills over Texans
wp34 - Bears over Lions
BadMouth - Pack over Pitt
JKMAN - Saints over Giants

Week 5
wp34 - Cowboys over Giants
BadMouth - Ravens over Dolts
Hoopz - Bucs over Fins

Week 6
wp34 - Rams over Giants
Hoopz - Colts over Texans
BadMouth - Bucs over Eagles

Week 7
wp34 - Pats over Jets
BadMouth - Packers over Football Team
Hoopz - Rams over Lions

Week 8
BadMouth - Rams over Texans
wp34 - Bills over Fins
Hoopz - Cards over Packers

Week 9
BadMouth - Bills over Jags
wp34 - Cards over Niners

Immunized Erin Rogers

It seems like I either go 1 and out or I win it. Lets see what happens.

Panthers over Jets

Thanks for doing this again, Hoopz


Tampa Bay Buccaneers over the Dallas Cowboys

Thanks for this,  Let the entertainment begin :)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers over the Dallas Cowboys

Chargers over the Washington Football Team


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