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Aliens Arcade GUNS + mamehooker need help

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Hi guys,

Xx_Strike_xX has couple of these guns and sent me a message asking how to get recoil working with games which doesn't pulse value for recoil etc

so for TeknoParrot games etc ive added a small change for Output Blaster now inside OutputBlaster.ini will be a AutoRecoilPulse=0, if you change this to 1 then recoil will pulse the value on and off to allow recoil to function, adjust the Sleep= for how quickly value will pulse.

He said 25 was spot on for Sleep Value.

Maybe it helps some people,


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Big Thanks Boomslang

This is awesome! Is there a tutorial to get this working on TeknoParrot? I shared some files for mame games like Zombie Raid.. but not sure how to add this on TeknoParrot.. thx!

Hi, how do you get these gun's recoil to work on any games besides Aliens Extermination and Far Cry? I assume that these are the only two games that work without needing any modifications or additional software because of the Global VR gun PCB boards in the guns.

Besides Howard's Mamehooker, do you need another board like an LED Wiz, PAC Drive, etc.?



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