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Aliens Arcade GUNS + mamehooker need help

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I assumed the same about the updates possibly causing this issue on win 7.
I should be getting a usb2gun soon for my crt cab, as far as i know it also uses the ghd command for recoil and flash length, so if the issue is in fact coming from some update it will probably cause the same issue with this.
In that case, it's either win 10 or "play" "find the offensive update".

Ok good! Iím not the only one then lol! Windows 10 it is!
Also how do I setup Teknoparrot or PC games to rumble with this? Lastly a generic recoil or mame eg Jurassic Park MH doesnít recognize any recoil for that mame game.. so I wanted to add a generic recoil to that.

In Sega Goldun Gun for example , there's an output for Digit Display ( Number of Ball )
in mamehooker we see at startup 12 and it decrease when we shoot 11 , 10 etc
the command line for make Digit works is this
ghd 1 &H04B4 &H6870 3 &h03:&h0X:&h0Y ( X is the first Digit , Y the second )
if i use this command
ghd 1 &H04B4 &H6870 3 &h03:&h0%s%:&h0%s% , the two digit display same thing ( only the last number from outputs )
I think i don't use correct command :)
Perhaps we need to separate the number for output ? i don't know
If someone have an idea  ;)

Thanks! Iíll try it out. How do you add Teknoparrot to MH or other PC games like Fright Fear Land for example.

Use demulshooter to enable outputs in all teknoparrot game
you to need launch it by a command line with correct game selected , and launch it in teknoparrot after
You can make a Batch file like this
@echo on
cd "D:\DemulShooter"
START DemulShooter.exe -target=lindbergh -rom=rambo

cd "D:\Hyperspin Rocketlauncher\Hyperspin\Emulators\TeknoParrot"
START TeknoParrotUi.exe --profile=Rambo.xml



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