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Aliens Arcade GUNS + mamehooker need help

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Hello i've got this and i found how to command it with mamehooker

With this command in mamooker :
ghd 1 &H04B4 &H6870 8 &h02:&h01:&h01:&h00:&h00:&h00:&h00:&h00
Coil works

ghd 1 &H04B4 &H6870 8 &h03:&h0x:&h0x:&h00:&h00:&h00:&h00:&h00
Make Display works x is the number who you want to diplay

but for make it works correctly in mame game it's not so easier
For operation wolf everything work like a charm
For Operation Ghost ( teknoparrot ), everything work flawlessly ( very good game with recoil )
For T2 , coil work the first second after make a lot of small "clac"

Before i've make a circuit with an arduino and the ledwiz code , everything works like
With this hack when output stay a 1 , i jst need to make a script to make it work correctly , but with GID i don't know with it totally crazy
Is there a way to make Generic HID works correctly?

There is nothing wrong with the gun or mamehooker, the problem is the type of recoil T2 uses is most likely too quick to keep up.   I know when I hooked those up the outputs flashed so quickly that the program couldn't keep up and display it properly in the debug window.   Try using the wait function to add a delay before turning it off and that might help but if not I'm not sure if there is a way to fix the issue. 

OK , i will keep the ledwiz inside for have both solution  :cheers:

Hey guys, got the same gun. However in mame I finding the aim a bit stiff. It locks for a second once I move to the middle of the screen? Some games in Teknoparrot donít calibrate correctly, like Transformers. Iíve calibrated them in windows so everything goes edge to edge.. is there something Iím missing?

Hoping to get the recoil wired up today.. 🤞

i will take a look , i remember to have this issue with mame


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