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Arcade 1up - Junior versions - pac-man, and paw patrol

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ordered the pac-man Junior from Target.

basically its a bigger countercade.

will post a review once i get it.


Mike A:
All of zero people are salivating with anticipation.


--- Quote from: Mike A on October 14, 2021, 09:50:09 am ---All of zero people are salivating with anticipation.

--- End quote ---
Some dude on Facebook last night posted a picture of the Tron toy and said ďI canít wait to get this, I expect itíll be 300 bucks like the other ones.Ē We all had a good laugh at that.

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--- Quote from: Mike A on October 14, 2021, 09:50:09 am ---All of zero people are salivating with anticipation.

--- End quote ---

i collect pac-man items.

also it has easy mode settings, so will be checking out the killscreens
for pac-man, galaga , and dig dug.

i've never gotten to the killscreen in dig dug, so if its there, that will be interesting.

the joystick will be a laugh though, same with the buttons.



Quick Review:
Primary Audience - Parents with young children [i don't have any]
This fun little cabinet is another line for Arcade1up targeting very small children.
Maybe you don't want them playing on your 3/4 cabs and breaking them or, they are too big.
This is sized bigger than a partycade, and works well on the ground. This came with a tiny stool also (you assemble it), and it fits in the back for storage.
The back of this cabinet is open.
Its very sturdy, and unless you leave it outside or in sunlight, shouldn't fade or melt.
(i hope).
Anyways, the buttons are super comfortable and large. They used two buttons, because
they probably have this form factor for other games, even though most games only use 1 or none.
Pac-Man, Galaga, and Dig Dug
All are set to basic US default settings.

Pac-man has 3 - super easy, easy and normal
super easy - invincible (no collision), and slow movement (25%? of speed)
easy - invincible(no collison) and normal speed
Galaga - easy and normal
easy - invincible (no shots or collisions)
Dig Dug - easy and normal
easy - invincible (no collisions,, no rock deaths, fire deaths)
House - HOME menu button
Big Red Large Ballltop joystick - with square (rotated 45 degree gate)
very comfortable, just takes a different grip for adults, but kids should
have no problem with it. its very responsive
2 large buttons - these are super comfortable, and resilient
Super durable, thick plastic.
Very light, no exposed screws or sharp edges.
Screen is sharp and bright.
Volume is loud enough but not too loud and ajdustable.
Runs on same MicroUSB adapter and plug (provided)

Whether they are just beginning or a little older. You can start off
in the easy mode, and they can play as long as they want.
Once they get better they can go to the normal mode.
All games play exactly as they should on normal mode.

Adult note : Not sure if killscreens are there, will check it for the next 3 days.
Should you get it? - If you collect pac-man items, sure, why not.
If you want to 'train' yourself to get better, they are useful for that.
But this is mostly targeted for younger children.

I will post gameplay videos. Its fun using the 'training mode'.
I'm happy with the purchase.
I think its $280 or so at Walmart, Target, and other retailers.

Once I'm done with it, I will donate it a charity or a family with younger kids.
Good way to introduce some simple retro games to them.
Overall Grade 4/5



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