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I agree totaly.  Maybe the Software Forms should be combined with the Main Fourm, and create a new fourm for front ends.

I didn't even know there WAS a "current events" forum.


--- Quote ---I didn't even know there WAS a "current events" forum.
--- End quote ---

Yup, most people don't.  I didn't realize there was a software forum either until I needed help with a frontend, and I looked up top where it says "BYOAC Forums."  GOLLLLLLY Sgt. Carter!  The other boards are much less busy, some are nearly dead.

I can see moving conversations about your dog's mating habits, or other stuff that has nothing to do with arcade projects.  Maybe my post didn't contain any tips regarding restoring old arcade controls, but it contained a link to my website which DOES (or will tomorrow) offer such information.  To me, it's totally on topic!

Don't you know this will be moved to the "Board discussion" board? ;D

Seriously, I am glad there are a bunch of boards.  Sometimes the software board and the main board messages do cross over, but I check both so for me, no problem.  And I really like that the "board discussion" and "Buy / Sell / Trade" sop up the subjects I am not interested in.  And on the top of every forum page is the "BYOAC Forums" list of all the BYOAC Forums, so checking the others whouldn't be a problem, IMO.

OK, OK, I'm home now, so I'll stop griping and get to work on finishing my site!  :D


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