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Funhouse pinball sound problem, please help.


So im trying to fix this great pinball wich is in great shape, had a couple of problems that we resolve allready and now we are dealing with the sound. At first it had no sound , so sfter checking continuity on the speakers, and finding out the amp was running fully hot we decided to replace it,  after replacing the amp circuit, the one thats atached to the heat sink, seems like we have sound. But its not the sound we expected, we get just cracking burning sounds, plus the heatsink does not get too hot anymore, wich makes me think the old amp was bad indeed and the new one works. Anyway, heres a short video showing the sound we get. Plus if you look at the video i would like to see if anyone can tell me if i conected the speaker in the corrct place., hope anyone its kind enough to tell me if the speaker are conected correctly. black cable its on the left and yellow and black cable is in the right. Thanks alo for any help provided. Anyway, im lost now at what to check next so any advice would be wellcome. Thanks again and have a great day.


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