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J-Stik ServoStik Mounting and millout


So....... back in 2004 I built a machine. It was great back in the day. With the advancement in EVERYTHING here I go again. With everything that's changed I've been doing a ton of reading and research it's hard to find some of the info. What I'm building: 43" 4-player. 2 Servo-stik, 2 J stiks, Spinner, trackball, and a ton of buttons. I'm using a 4'x4' CNC machine to do all of the milling and I'm a CAD guy to start with.

With all of that being said..... I plan on using 2-sided melamine 3/4" plywood for most of the parts (all if I can). I also plan on using EZlock thread inserts for all of the mounting holes.

What is the proper thickness of the material for the proper "throw" of the controller.? I'm going to mill a pocket on the underside of the control to inset the controllers. I'm just not certain how deep to cut the pocket. I can measure the stick to get the shape of the pocket. Secondary question is what is the dimension of the actual hole for the stick to go through?

I did do a search, but it's really hard to find info through the search function.

Thanks in advance!

Mike A:

This will help. There is a lot of other information here too.

Thank you much. Now to figure out what I have. Lol. You’d think this information would be included on the website for the controllers.



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