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Problems with the new board


I'd like to point out a couple of minor problems with the new board.

Firstly when you post a message and make a mistake (forget to enter an email address for example) an error message appears. If you then click on the "back" button you lose your original message and have to retype it from scratch.

Also I wonder why it is necessary to enter a valid email address. I don't mind giving my address to people who actually need it. However since posting a couple of recent messages to the BYOAC board I have started receiving spam. I would therefore like to post future messages anonymously.

I guess I could register. However as I haven't actually built anything yet I think this would be overkill.

Well you can always register and hide your email address. In fact it is suggested.

The reason the email address is needed is to help verify who you are. It slows people down abit in doing things that they shouldn't do. And of course IPaddresses are tracked too.


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