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Any good arcade-like games exclooosively on a console?

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Ideally I'd like a list of games that would have been great in the arcades but were only ever a console game.  I am adding a small smattering of console games to my emulation machine , and I want to keep the games in the same spirit. I get that this is subjective but I'd like to see what you guys/gals come up with. Not trying to add hundreds of games either :)

Best example I can think of is Weaponlord on SNES/Genesis.

my "rules":
Not a console port of an arcade game or an arcade collection (ie no midway hits, tmnt hyperstone, etc)
  - PC-10 games are exempt
  - Games that make the games playable on standard controls, like Marble Madness - NES are exempt
  - Games that share the name with an arcade game but are vastly different are exempt

Works with "standard" arcade controls, no trackballs ,spinners, flight sticks, analog controls , etc

Games that are good, not just ones that could have been an arcade game (ie don't suggest Zoop pls)

If there is a game that's multi-platform, please suggest the "better" version but also what other platforms its on.

If there's multiple in a series, just list the best one ( ie Streets of Rage 3) unless more than 1 is worth having on the list

my list so far, subject to change:
Clayfighter 2 - SNES
Comix Zone - Genesis
Eternal Champions - Sega CD (also on Genesis)
Fighters Megamix - Saturn
Final Fight Mini Mix - NES
Final Fight 2 - SNES
Gradius V - PS2
Ice Hockey - NES
Pipemania - NES
River City Ransom - NES
Rock n' Roll Racing - SNES (also on Genesis)
Shinobi III - Genesis
Sonic 3 w/knuckles - Genesis
Streets of Rage 3 / Burning Knuckle 3 - Genesis
Super Double Dragon - SNES
Super Mario 3 - NES
Tecmo Bowl - NES (its only the same in name to the arcade game)
Weaponlord - Genesis (also on SNES)
Zombies Ate My Neighbors - Genesis (also on SNES)

Harmful Park is a great ps1 exclusive shooter with arcade-y controls.


--- Quote from: KenToad on July 29, 2021, 01:53:32 pm ---Harmful Park is a great ps1 exclusive shooter with arcade-y controls.

--- End quote ---

I can honestly say I've never heard of that game, but I'll check it out, thanks!


Alien Soldier
Battle Mania (Trouble Shooter) 1+2
Contra Hard Corps
Gleylancer (amazing music!)
Gunstar Heroes
Steel Empire
Alisia Dragoon
Eliminate Down
General Chaos
Xeno Crisis

SNES - IIRC, none of these games need the shoulder buttons

Space Megaforce
Axelay (uses shoulder buttons for weapon selection, but can be remapped in-game)
Majuu Ou (King of Demons)
Tetris Attack
Umehara Kawase
Choujikuu Yousai Macross - Scrambled Valkyrie (difficult, especially until you learn the tactics of the ship morphing and turning enemies to your side.)


Galaga Destination Earth
Gunners Heaven (Rapid Reload)
R-Type Delta
Tempest X3

Knowing you you've already added it but MK Trilogy comes to mind.  ;)


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