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Any one have any idea when mausberry switch circuit will be back in stock?

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DaOld Man:
Want the "use your own switch" direct plug micro-usb version.
I have sent emails to them but no answer.
"Sold Out" button pops up when you select it.

Anyone got one they want to sell?

Try again maybe?

I checked if they had one for the 4 and tried to add the earlier version too and it was letting me go to checkout even.

DaOld Man:
Just tried. I need the one for pi3. The "add to cart" button turns into "sold out" and clicking on it does nothing.

Darnit- sorry.

Seemed like it was working even for the 3 when I tried last night.

DaOld Man:
Hi everyone. Sorry Ive been tied up with other things and havent been on here in quite a bit.
I never heard anything from the mausberry switch circuit people so i gave up and explored other avenues.
I found this alternative solution. Its a little higher in cost, is bigger in size, and is a little bit more complicated to set up than the mausberry, but I think it will work for my current project.
Its called ATXRaspi. ATX because it acts like an ATX motherboard power switch.
I still like the mausberry switch better because of its tiny size and simplicity to set up and install.
But sometimes you gotta settle with what you can get.
Now I got to get back on the Jukebox project and here it is almost winter time. I have got to get my priorities straight!
Here is the link to the ATXRaspi, if anyone is interested:


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