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Road Burners HDD replacement error


The hard drive in my Road Burners was starting to fail so I decided to replace it. The original was a 160GB Maxtor IDE and I replaced it with a WD 500GB SATA (using an IDE to SATA adapter). I wrote the CHD image to the new HDD using CHDMAN. When I power it on it gives the error...

found no valid home blocks
QIO error, EOF on file

I verified the CHD file and it passed. Maybe it's due to the larger HDD? Or maybe because it's SATA and I'm using the IDE to SATA adapter?

Have you tried using Reflect Macrium to clone the disk?
It can be with GPT and not MBR that you use in the old ones.

Any luck with this?  I just wanted to add that CloneZilla has always worked for me doing exactly this.


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