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How would you make an accurate vector template for an arcade stick panel?

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Thank you so much, yamatetsu, I think this will be super useful! I can't thank everyone enough for the help

Sometimes you just gotta revert to SOACAHTOA.

The "take a picture" route combined with some use of digital calipers will usually get you there.

Alternatively, if it's possible, take the buttons and joystick out of it, put it face down on your flat bed scanner and scan it (preferably with a ruler) then import that into your CAD program and scale that and draw over it. Once you're done, double check some of the key measurements and print it out and you should have high confidence that you did well.


--- Quote from: Gilrock on June 30, 2021, 11:49:29 am ---Sometimes you just gotta revert to SOACAHTOA.

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My son's math teacher taught him a new mnemonic for remembering those trig identities: "Some old hippie caught another hippie tripping on acid." It was new to me!

Yeah I needed that so I wouldn't have remembered it


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