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Frogger (This video shows it's an 8-way)

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Hey I live in Queensland now! Canetoads are the worry though, not tree frogs


--- Quote from: danny_galaga on October 24, 2021, 09:58:13 pm ---Hey I live in Queensland now! Canetoads are the worry though, not tree frogs

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A fellow banana-bender!

I spent much of my misspent teenage Queenslander life training ninja quarterstaff skills on the despicable cane toad.

My best mates all lived 1-2km away and I'd often find myself walking home alone on dark evenings. So I fashioned myself a 6ft long wooden staff from 3/4 inch dowel (safety, protection), wrapped paper tape strips onto it for visibility (cars), and went to war on the countless toads. I became quite good at finding them, nowhere to hide.

No, it didn't make me some kind of sicko, these imported monsters are the only animals I'd ever do that to.  It was for "public service" rather than cruelty. Mostly I'd be thinking about my neighbour's dog that got blinded by toads. Pressing on the back/front shoulder of the toads, where the poison glands are, can cause it to squirt out. Thus the quarterstaff - if it gets in your eyes you are stuffed.


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--- Quote from: bobbyb13 on June 26, 2021, 03:45:33 am ---Roadkill, sure... but dying if you fall off a log?!

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They say it's as easy as falling off a log.

Space Frogger... now I'm imagining a hybrid between Frogger and Time Pilot, where you are fighting UFOs in space but with a flying frog. Don't even wanna know what you are shooting at them.

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Regurgitated intergalactic space flies?!

Someone smarter than me needs to make this game.

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Space Frogger? Surely you mean Battletoads...


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