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This is my first post here, as I was referred to from a KLOV member, where I've also posted my issues so far.  So, hello everyone!

Anyways, I have 4 JVL Retros that are all experiencing some sort of issue.  Two of them quickly stop upon boot-up at the error, "can't load sound driver snd-intel18x0."  One loads about 1/5th through the JVL loading screen and then crashes on the error, "I/O board is NOT found!" and 1 makes it to a low battery error, followed by a machines locked error.  I have swapped boards around in all of them trying to troubleshoot things, but am always left with the same error based on the specific motherboard that I'm using.  I figured I may have the best luck with the "Machine Locked" JVL so picked up a itouch10 cd for a factory reset (all 4 JVLs are using an itouch10 button).  I tried hooking a usb cd-player to this JVL, but I think that cd-rom drive is bad as it sounded like it was just starting and stopping over and over, so then tried to create a bootable USB from windows.  I've tried 3 different usbs and several windows machines and every time I tried to create a bootable thumbdrive from the CD, the program will immediately come up with an error saying the "checking operation failed."  At this point, I have no idea where to go, so any advice would be awesome.

On another note, this whole experience began when I was on a search to replace a bad inverter board on my Megatouch Force made in 2005, so if anyone knows of where I find an affordable one of these, please let me know.

Thanks in advance,

Get yourself a CF card reader and use USBIT ( Usb Image Tool) its free. And install this image to your CF card.


--- Quote from: mahkeymike on June 25, 2021, 05:13:22 pm ---Get yourself a CF card reader and use USBIT ( Usb Image Tool) its free. And install this image to your CF card.

--- End quote ---

Awesome, downloading now and will update later when I get the CF back in the machine.

mahkeymike is my hero.  :cheers:

Going to do this with my other CFs over the weekend and see if that knocks out any of the other issues I'm experiencing with the other JVLs.

So I re-flashed all my other drives, but unfortunately am met with the same errors, 2 still giving me the sound driver error and 1 giving me an I/O board not found error.  These issues look to be based off each motherboard, as I used the I/O board and the board on the back of the motherboard case from my now-working retro, but am still seeing these same errors.  Are there components I can replace off the motherboards, or do these sound like they're toast?  If they are bad, is it possible to obtain replacement boards?


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