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I had promised myself I wasn't going to start on this until I had the monitor in the one that is actually still in one piece working, but...

I have been such a good boy lately that on Saturday (after I had fixed the pressure pump for our water supply system at 6:30am) I was allowed the day I have REALLY needed for about 2 years now to clean and rearrange the workshop.

Most of the cabinet pieces from the second RUSH cabinet that magically appeared in my life have been sitting in this odd corner of the shop and I needed to shuffle things a bit for my new layout.

I wouldn't have started this (so I tell myself-) if it hadn't been for the massive allergy fit that I got for moving that pile around.
The cabinet came to me gratis because it was neglected/nonfunctional (although appeared complete) and had spent time getting wet.
Lots of mold.

So rather than continue to hold onto this lung wrecker waiting for time to appear I figured screw it.

Tossed the pieces out in the sun for the afternoon and they improved but still give me the sniffles.

Time to go to work!

Thankfully it looks like the cabinet designer knew it needed to be bomb-proof and the whole base (with great casters) can be saved- because it was actually cabinet ply.
The rest is trash.
All that particle board soaked up a lot of water (and who knows what else my lungs don't like) and swelled and is disintegrating.

One side panel was still good enough to use as a template.

If anyone knows somewhere to find art for these please let me know!
I now need two sets  ;D

Gang cuts and patience with a decent jigsaw saves a lot of time.

The craziest part of this cabinet is the center of it that basically carries everything.
The steering assembly, base for the monitor, pedal cluster, coin door and the middle supports for the side panels all rely on this chunk of wood.

Took a few rounds of going through this thing with a tape measure and bezel square to figure I had it close enough.
The cut list was ridiculous but I believe I have pulled it off.

Having the pieces to use (and not just a picture) is making it easy to rip through this actually.
I only recently came by a decent table saw and it makes a huge difference in speed and accuracy.

Got to move so fast in fact that by 1:30am I was already gluing and tacking stuff together!

If someone could tell me the best way to catalog this whole thing to be useful to anyone in the future please let me know.
Problem is that I have NO software (or skill to use it) for any means of making meaningful files but I would happily give great detail in hand drawn stuff to anyone who could do better than I with it!
I have my black belt in pencil, graph paper and protractor.

Seems a shame to effectively have the detail of an entire tear-down and not be able to record it somehow.

Can't wait to toss all this nasty particle board and get going on the rest of it.

Haven't had time to put into rebuilding this second one, but because it is motivational in regard to this thread...

Since the first of my RUSH 2049 cabinets got moved upstairs into the loft it has been unhappy.
It booted up, ran through control checks on the steering ffb, error display on the main board showed nothing, all audio sounded correct, and... she played blind.

Since I had a 'spare' monitor for the moment from this second cabinet I am rebuilding I figured why not swap it in and see what I get?
Well, after a lot of wrangling with the frame and alignment to get it squared in the cabinet again I was rewarded with...

Maybe I WILL actually get both of these functional before Mike A makes it out here?  :lol

And more to the point, when I previously lamented the death of the monitor in this machine, someone whose opinion I value greatly at this point said something to the effect of-

'you sure something didn't just get knocked off in moving the cabinet....?'

And once I pulled the chassis out to give it a good cleaning and see about not destroying it in trying to rebuild it, what did I find?

So... is that white wire that goes from the high voltage corner to the pin connector on the neckboard important?!

Am I lucky that I didn't have a fireworks show in that cabinet?

Or more importantly at this point, did firing this thing up with that wire off destroy anything before the image collapsed from a fuzzy jittery mess to a vertical line and then disappeared?

To add to the fun of getting this second machine up and running soon, is there a source for the pots on these remote boards and does anyone know what values it might be (or can I test one meaningfully with a multi-meter to buy what I need?)

The other one of these remote boards I have has a pot with the white dial broken off and needs to be replaced as I imagine that any malfunction of those adjustment pots could really cause some headaches.

Thank you anyone with wisdom to offer!

And, oh...

Remote adjustment board

Mahalo nui loa!

Mike A:
Whenever I move a game I open it up and make sure everything is secure and connected BEFORE and after I move it.

If that is the original monitor. Here is the manual. It will have what you need to know for that remote board.

If you are not already aware of them, these guys are a good source for arcade electronics:

They are especially good if you are like me and electronics are relatively new to you.

You can source the stuff from other places for a few pennies less, but this site is arcade oriented. It makes it easier to find what you are looking for.


--- Quote from: bobbyb13 on June 11, 2021, 01:38:33 am ---Remote adjustment board

--- End quote ---

That a remote degaus button? baller.

Not sure why this was moved to restorations/repair, this is building a whole new cab right? Or are you just repairing the old one?


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