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E3 2021 - Tron, X-men (4 player), Simpsons, Track and Field and many more

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Well the announcements are over.

Looks like Tron, Track and Field, and the Simpsons will be released later on this
year possibly. Since they weren't officially announced.

The rest will come out in the next few months.


latest update : Simpsons presale will probably be in August according to latest post

X-men pre-orders : Sold out - Arcade 1up - $699

Target : $599 with free shipping, stool - Sold Out

X-Men 4-Player Arcade
Captain America and the Avengers
The Avengers in Galactic Storm
17" Color LCD screen
Custom Riser
Light-Up Marquee
Molded Coin Door
Assembled Dimensions: 11.25" x 24 x 48
Weight: 88lbs
Real-Feel Arcade Controls
Coinless operation
Adjustable Variable Volume
Light Up Deck Protector
Anti-Tip Over Strap
On-Screen Game Selection Menu
In Game Settings Menu
Plugs into an AC outlet
Easy Assembly
By Tastemakers, LLC
Fully Licensed
Adjustable arcade stool with extending legs
Height adjusts from 21.5 to 29.5
Chrome-plated steel frame
High-density foam padding

i'm sure they will update, along with gametop, best buy, etc.


possible prototype of track and field:


simpsons review:



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