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I need help guys with my maximus arcade in my CRT 15Khz lose signal when I leave


I have a pc with ATI HD7000 15khz graphics card connected to my CRT RGB SCART. I use groovymame and crt emudrivers 2.0. my games are seen with good scanines and pure RGB .... but when I want to exit the maximus arcade frontend ... the CRT runs out of signal (black screen) ... I can't do anything ... just turn off the pc with the power button. I have the resolution of my pc in 640x480. ANY SOLUTION? what I want is that when I want to exit the maximus arcade frontend ... go back to my pc desktop ... but when I exit ... from the frontend, I lose the video signal in my CRT

Same for me... to exit to desktop without go out sync press Crtl+Alt+Canc and terminate Maximus Arcade app.

PULSE: crtl +Alt+ supr? what botton is cancel?

ctrl + alt + Del


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