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That was fantastic.  I kept having those "Bob Ross" feelings like he was going to ruin it.  But it just kept getting better as he went along.  This has me rethinking wood laminate. I've tried it before with middling results. 

Thanks for posting this.   :cheers:


--- Quote from: BadMouth on May 14, 2021, 06:45:50 am ---This has been coming up in my feed for weeks, but I refused to watch it asssuming it was just some overpriced audiophile BS.  Thanks for the nudge to actually watch it.

--- End quote ---

Same here.  I love this stuff.

Just watched the whole thing.  The round over on the veneer edges is something I never would have done but the stain married the two surfaces perfectly.

Also, $20,000 record players?  Just the fact that such a thing exists is crazy never mind the fact that there is apparently an entire niche industry for it.  Man, there is so much money out there.

That finish would be awesome on a guitar

If you guys want to see another master at his craft, check out my mechanics channel on YouTube.  The guy is insane.  His latest video is mesmerizing.  Not woodworking but just as interesting.


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