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Mike A:
I am now taking appointments for visits to my arcade room and shop.

Starting June 1st I will take visitors by appointment. No groups...yet. A couple of your family members would be fine.

I am fully vaccinated for COVID. I mention that because that could be a sticking point for people.  I don't require you to be vaccinated.

Do you have a project you have always dreamed of doing, but don't have space or tools? Make an appointment.

Do you want to drink beers and play real arcade games in a real arcade environment? Make an appointment.

Do you want to help me with a project? Make an appointment.

If you want to come stay for an hour or the weekend just let me know. I have a guest room with an attached bathroom. It has a CRT TV with a NES and an Intellivision.

I only ask that you buy or bring your own materials. I have lots of ---steaming pile of meadow muffin--- on hand. I won't charge any more than I paid for stuff.

If this sparks any interest I will create a separate thread to document the adventures.

It appears that it is now a race to see who makes it to whose place first.

Only place I can think of that I've been in IL is O'Hare now that I think about it.

In spite of having been born in Cedar Rapids, IA


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Now that is funny-

And consequently also how I figured people would feel about flying to a tiny rock in the middle of the Pacific

Mike A:
It is odd.

Over the last few years I have had multiple people PM me about getting help with projects.

I tell the come on out and use my tools. Nobody has shown up.

Arroyo and Bperkins01 have been out to my place to help me with my stuff and they live on opposite coasts.

I will definitely fly out to Hawaii if I am invited.

I have been to the East Coast to see BYOACers. I have been to the West Coast.

I have been to Zapcon a couple of times.

Get out and meet people.

You would be surprised how much more you learn and how much more fun it is to share the hobby in person.


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