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Possible compromise of member list data: phishing attempt after buy/sell post

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Thanks :)

I’m sure we’re going to see a lot of “totally coincidental” nuttery around here for a few days....

He sent me a private message. Very directed. Obviously it's a phishing email. I didn't click it and deleted the message.

I'd take this up with SMF. That's some sloppy code if an exploit like that can be used. I haven't used SMF in about 5 or 6 years, but I'll bet you anything there is a MOD you could install in the admin panel that could prevent new users from being able to send private messages (with E-mail notification) until "x" number of posts. Otherwise, I can probably make you one. Most of the MODS I have done are found in the PhPBB forum database, but SMF ain't much different. That's some pretty simple PhP code to write up and make happen. Perhaps it's in there already and you just need to change a setting.

EDIT: Another thing you can do is just put a disclaimer on the E-mail notifications that get sent out that simply say something like "ARCADE CONTROL WILL NEVER ASK YOU FOR YOUR PASSWORD AND YADDA YADDA AND SUCH AND SUCH". Pretty sure you get what I'm saying. That option should already be there I believe.

Good job Saint, Burn all scammers at the steak!
Low life mutha ---smurfs---!


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