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Maximus Full Screen But Want Roms in 4:3


Hey guys,
So I have Maximus in my MAME cabinet with a 27" LCD monitor. This is what I'm trying to do. Right now all my roms are stretches to fit the screen 1024x768. That's how it was set up when the guy did it for me. I would rather have the roms play in original 4:3 with the black bars on the right and left. Is this possible?

This is typically a MAME setting, not a Maximus Arcade one.

Set keepaspect 1 in your mame.ini
Or add -keepaspect to your command line in the MAME config section of Maximus Arcade preferences.

However, if the actual resolution that MAME is putting out is really 1024x768 (which is already 4:3), either your monitor is set to stretch, or your video card is configured to scale to full screen instead of scale to aspect.


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