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Arduino as USB Guncon 2

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if you launch  NTSC game on a PAL PS it will be 60Hz

Damn, having an emulator code is perfect.
I did a brief search and did not find anything.
It will definitely help understand how minimum and maximum values are used.

Yeah, I will try to put something on github maybe this weekend even if it will not be very polished by then.
Disclaimer that it is built on top of TinyUSB and not the standard Arduino USB stack.
I am using an itsybitsy M4, and Adafruit made it easy to replace the standard Arduino USB stack with TinyUSB.

I do not remember how regions worked on PS2, but anyway I am using PAL games with a PAL console.

I uploaded the code here:

There is still a lot of work to do...

thanks for sharing  :applaud:

Thanks for sharing!
I'm done with my gcon1 to usb. Sometime in the future I will try to port your code to arduino and see if I can make it work on the ps2.


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