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Arduino as USB Guncon 2

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My gosh, how did it take me this long to realize after I just posted asking about this kind of support in SAMCO?I currently have an NTSC-U PS2 hooked up to a flat screen in my living room, which I plan to use as a PC output on a different source. PCSX2's nuvee plugin is a PITA for me personally to use (requires too much intervention just to get a game started), and with latest nightlies bucking plugins entirely, using original hardware would not only be a sweet bonus, but nearly a necessity for my case.

I don't have a SAMCO-modded setup right now, but I plan to mod a GCon2 for this purpose. If there's any further support for this fork (or even better, maybe merge/implement some of Prow7's updates), that would be perfect.
Anything to replace my TopGun 3 I've had lugging around. (^^;


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