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Several MAME Emulators in Maximus Arcade ?


 Hi everyone,

I would like to know if it's possible to launch several MAME emulators in Maximus Arcade instead of one only. It's very important for me because I use, for example, one MAME for vertical games and another one for horizontal games with specific settings and filters.

Thank you in advance for your answers & have a nice day,


You'd be better off setting that up in MAME itself by creating "vertical.ini" and "horizont.ini" files.  MAME will know if the game is vertical or horizontal and load the respective configuration automatically.

Since you already have 2 MAME's:
- In the one setup for vertical games, make a copy of "mame.ini" and call it "vertical.ini".
- In the one setup for horizontal games, make a copy of "mame.ini" and call it "horizont.ini".

- Now copy "vertical.ini" and "horizont.ini" into one of the 2 MAMEs' "/ini" folder. (probably use the one setup for Horizontal, so if a game is 'undefined' (or something weird happens) it will default to "mame.ini" which has the horizontal settings [most common]).

You'll end up with something like:

Now setup Maximus to use just the one:
D:\MAME\mame64.exe    (or D:\MAME\mame.exe)

You will probably need to combine any (if used) files from /artwork, /cfg, /hi, /ini, /nvram, /sta and of course /roms.

Sorry for my late reply, Vikind245, I was so busy these days.
I gonna follow your suggestion so, it'a a good start ;-)
Thank you so much & take care,


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