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I bough x-arcade tankstick on 31 Jan and suppose to get free Maximus Arcade licence key which they sent every first day of each month. Meanwhile we are required to use trial version which also expired 3 weeks ago. I have contacted xgaming australia and they advise me to contact to get Maximus Arcade licence key . I have sent them multiple email for order 1142 but got no response. Is anyone know how to contact  Maximus Arcade licence team who deals with x-arcade tankstick


THink they have stopped responding as a few others have also posted about not being able to get theirs. ALso sounds like you have it installed already but just in case remember if using newer mame versions you will also need to make some adjustments in order to get the game list to populate since Maximus has not been updated and Mame changed where the roms are located etc. ( IIRC there is a post of what is needed here on this forum as well.)


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