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Sega Driving cabinet restoration/conversion -- DAAAATTOOONAAAAAAAaaaaa!

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Wow.  The quality of work on that shifter cover is unreal. 

I've been out of the loop for quite a while now.  Aganyte has made a lot possible over the years.  I did not know he was offering interfaces with OEM connectors.

Mike A:
So those boards can handle the different types of FFB these games have?

That is interesting.

There are a lot of words in that thread I will contact you to ask some more questions.

Good work so far Opt!

Great work Opt2not!!!

Envoyť de mon LEX722 en utilisant Tapatalk

Thanks guys  :cheers:

Iíve decided to go with the metal plate for the steering section. With that, came a bit more polishing.

I didnít have a ton of time this weekend for this, but I ended up cleaning and painting the little speaker grills in the CP.

Here are some shots of it coming together. You can see the CPís smooth painted surface a bit better.


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