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Sega Driving cabinet restoration/conversion -- DAAAATTOOONAAAAAAAaaaaa!

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So I'm having trouble finding the buttons I just found for you the other day.   It seems to be gone but there are different ones now.  Search for VLT pushbuttons..... while not direct replacements they are around the same dimensions.... you'll want to compare their dimensions with the broken ones to see if they are a close enough match.   I figure you'd have to remove the lighting pcb on the originals and rig your own up though.   Tehir are also some posi-lok buttons that look more like the originals but I think the dimensions are too far off.   It's some options anyway.   

I got lucky and found a shop in the mid-west selling spare sega parts, they had the 4 VR button panel for camera view for $20!
I snatched it up real quick.

The blue button has some damage, but I will replace that one with the one Mike A will send me, so it should be an easy and cheap replacement for what I got in the current panels.

I hope these labels are just underlays in the plunger. Or maybe they're stickers. either way, I hope I can remove them easily.
The row of buttons also looks a bit un-even. Perhaps they were just bent a bit, but if worse comes to worst, I can just use the plungers out of these and put them in my existing panels since the housing is still there.


I'm starting to formulate a plan here.  I think the best way of structuring this project is to put each major part into it's own self-contained task.  I.e.  I'll separate each major part and work on each individually.  Pedals would be one. Control Panel another.  Cabinet Wood work, Plastics work. Etc...

Tackling each category at a time can help me keep this organized and I can bite off small bits of progress each day so I'm not overwhelmed.  There are so many more facets to restoring a driving cabinet than there is a regular cab!  A lot more parts to deal with that have their own set of issues.

Mike A:
I handed those buttons to my shipping guy this morning. They will go out by UPS today.


--- Quote from: Mike A on March 19, 2021, 10:20:49 am ---I handed those buttons to my shipping guy this morning. They will go out by UPS today.

--- End quote ---
Thank you brother! I really appreciate your generosity and contributions to the community. You’re one of the best members here!

Mike A:
One of the best?

Who do I need to kneecap?


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