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Sega Driving cabinet restoration/conversion -- DAAAATTOOONAAAAAAAaaaaa!

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Mike A:
That is the cheapest I have seen. has them for like 10 bucks more.

I got a whole button assembly on eBay pretty cheap, but then the guy jacked the prices on all of that stuff, and then everyone else piled on.

I saw that same assembly for like 70 bucks now.


--- Quote from: Mike A on March 16, 2021, 06:46:43 am ---I have an extra set for Indy 500. The start button is broken, but the 2 View buttons are good. Indy only has 2 instead of 4. Blue and red.

Do you want me to throw them in the mail?

--- End quote ---

If you can part with them, sure! That gets me at least half way there. My Start buttons are good, so the 2 VR buttons you have would be fine.
Thanks Mike, as always youíre a huge help.

--- Quote from: Howard_Casto on March 16, 2021, 01:32:04 pm ---I checked happ last night for you and the closest replacement is $20 a button.... so yeah, pricey either way.   

--- End quote ---

Got a link? I was looking last night and had trouble finding it on their site. Though I was using the mobile site, which seemed harder to navigate.

--- Quote from: BadMouth on March 16, 2021, 06:18:53 am ---Also pricey, buy I have used VLT (video lottery terminal) buttons in a custom faceplate.  No idea if they would work in the original faceplate.

--- End quote ---
Thanks. Iíll keep this as a backup plan, in case I canít source more buttons. this might require some fiddling to get it installed, but I will look into it.


Today Iím going to head over and grab the pedal assemblies and the topper Sign.
Itís good to have backups, plus if my homie Mike A needs some parts, I got him covered.

I'll track it down in the morning.   Have to get up early unfortunately.

I went back and pulled out the Pedal assemblies, and picked up the seat kickers/woofers and the topper sign.

The sign has a crack in the middle of it, which is not ideal, and the marquee art is really faded. This is not fixable, as it's a really noticeable spidery crack right in the center.

I'd most likely just keep this is a man-cave ornament and decide what to do with it later.

The pedals look similar to the Jambo, but they're a half-inch shorter than the one currently installed into the Jambo base.



One of the Daytona pedal assemblies is complete, while the other is missing some parts and doesn't function.
But they do need some work:

No matter, I can't use these assemblies in this Jambo base. They're too short to be mounted into the hole that the current set is in.
MikeA could probably use these in his Indy 500's.



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