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Sega Driving cabinet restoration/conversion -- DAAAATTOOONAAAAAAAaaaaa!

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So the stars aligned with this one.

Picked up a semi-empty Jambo Safari recently with no monitor, and no Naomi board. But everything else is there.

The guy selling it wanted $110, how could I say no? Iíve been wanting a Sega Racer for a long while now so this was the opportunity. I have a spare 29Ē monitor that I can slide into this, a Nanao MS9-29a which is dual-res (15/24khz), a Naomi system outputs 15/31khz... more on this later.
I already own a Netdimm Naomi that I can load up Jambo Safari or Crazy Taxi, since the configuration of this cab is compatible.  That's going to be the initial first step. Get it running with those games.

With help from my friend and his truck, we loaded it up in the back after taking some of the bigger parts off.  This cab breaks down pretty nicely.

My plan for this cabinet is to convert it to Daytona.  Daytona and Outrun 2 are both games I wanted to have in my collection for a long time, but somehow the universe has this way of making things happen at once. In parallel I was talking to a guy looking to sell a twin Daytona for months, with no bites.

It's complete, but doesn't turn on, he says.

The story goes: the seller bought these from a closing arcade in Whittier, CA, back in the early 2000ís. He put it in his bar, and had it there for a few years. Fully working. He ended up selling the bar, and afterwards he brought the cabs to his home garage, and for some reason they stopped working. He thinks something jostled in the move. Iím betting it was something trivial, like a fuse or a connection coming loose.

His goal was to fix them up, but the guy knows nothing about this stuff and was in way over his head. It sat in his garage for years.

He listed it about 5 months ago at $500. No takers. People want working units, not projects. Well most people that are not me. ;) Then he listed it for $400...then $200. He was going to list it for free before I came along.
Now, I cannot fit a twin cab set-up along with my Jambo Safari in my home. I'm already getting pretty full with the cabs I have now. But I want the parts from this machine.
So I messaged him asking if he'd be willing to part out one of them. He gets back to me saying "if you take all the parts, I'll give you a smoking deal".  We decided on $200, his asking price for the complete cabs, for all the parts I can gut out of this.
He was super happy to have me take as much as I could. I told him Iíll strip it to the point where you can separate the wood and trash the cabs easily. So sad, I know, but these parts are in better hands now. What can ya do, that cabinet would have stayed in his garage neglected forever.  At least it's soul will continue on.

So I get to his place early in the morning, and get to work.  It took me 3 hours to strip the cabs:

I got everything, all boards + wiring + control panel + monitors + speakers, mounting brackets...I left the pedal assemblies since the bolts were rusted and I didn't have enough time to try more drastic measures. I plan on going back tomorrow to get those out. I'm going to try a bunch for things, but if all fails I'll try just drilling it out with a metal bit.

While I was gutting this i was thinking, "i hope he doesn't go on ebay and find out how much he could make on individual parts!".

I have the Jambo Safari Control Panel, which is in better condition than the Daytona's.  No scratches on the dash, just some sticker residue:

Here are the Daytona's:

I might be able to polish out these scratches, but I'm not confident it'll look good enough. Might be best to just mix and match the dash from the Jambo, and use the parts of the Daytona. They're all very similar.


Daytona 1 (missing center cap)

Daytona 2

I'm leaning towards using the Jambo Steering wheel since it has the cool center Racing Gear sticker, as well as the Sega extrusion at the bottom.

I was able to grab both of the monitors, they're Nanao MS8-26SUís. Same monitor thatís in my Sega Aero City.
Unfortunately both have Daytona Burn-in. So Iíll probably keep the chassis as backups to my Aero.

Besides, this Jambo monitor box takes a 29Ē Monitor and I can use my spare Nanao MS9 for it.

Since Naomi is 31khz or 15khz, I can either run the game in low res, or use my Ultracade UVC to downres to 24khz.  When I switch to Daytona, the Model 2 board that it's on only outputs 24khz so that will be clean.

Anyway, to sum this all up, I ultimately want to convert this into a Daytona running on the larger sized Sega sitdown cabinets that were made for Jambo Safari, Crazy Taxi, and Daytona 2.

with the colours and artwork of this:

This will be new territory for me since I have only restored and converted standup woodies and Japanese candy cabs. So my standard restoration process will be modified a bit.

But first order of business, assess the damage and work needed for the restoration.  Stay tuned!

I just noticed that the VR buttons are roached on every panel.   That's a bummer as they can get pricey.   Cosmetically the rest looks fixable.   

Mike A:

Pickup trucks are cute. So little.

Nice score. I will be watching what you do with this. I know it will be awesome.

Great pickups! I love my Crazy Taxi. I also have a Jambo Safari cart somewhere.

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Mike A:
Let me know before you get rid of any parts. Some of that stuff is compatible with my Indy 500s.


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