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Why is the site so broken these days?

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That sucks, man.  Iíve never had the threats get that serious but Iíve predictably had threats.  Thanks for keeping the forum going.


Wow, thatís crazy. Thanks for the update, Saint.

I know we all have different reasons for being here at the site, and I know some are more passionate about the games of our youth than others, but I know we all appreciate you giving us this space. Iíve made friendships that Iíll have long after my games are gone.

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Mike A:
Lawsuits? What dipshits filed lawsuits? I will go knock on their door for for you.

Saint... dunno what to say. Sorry you've had that stuff happen to you. I appreciate your work and effort, wish I knew some easy ways to make it more financially viable. Maybe we all just have to suck up some advertising.

I can do the sysadmin stuff and guilt trip Haruman into modding more.  I cant do anything about PL1 though.


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