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Just having a debate with some friends about this, want to get some other opinions on it.


I used to say N64, but now I'm digging Dreamcast a lot more. And in a surprising contrast, the Atari 2600

Depends on how old you are maybe?

Atari 2600-
with NES a very close second for me.

I'm old enough to remember when my parents bought Pong when it came out.  They bought me an Atari 2600 when I was in high school and then an Atari 800 before I graduated.  I credit the Atari 800 with its Basic programming cartridge as the kickstart to my software engineering career.  On the Atari 800 I loaded games via cassette deck and then later floppy disks.  After I got out of college Sega Genesis came out so I spent tons of money on those games.  Then I upgraded to a Sega Saturn and eventually got into PC's.  So there were a ton of other brand consoles I never got to try.  I think some of the best games were on the Sega Saturn.  Virtua Fighter, Sega Rally Championship, and one of the most beautiful games of its time Panzer Dragoon Saga.  I'm kicking myself for not holding onto all those games and systems.


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I used to say N64, but now I'm digging Dreamcast a lot more. And in a surprising contrast, the Atari 2600

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It is insane how many quality titles came out for the Dreamcast, especially considering how it is often referred to as a failed console. Arcade quality stuff, too. N64 defined party gaming. It's problem was it wasn't versatile for more in-depth games. The library doesn't hold up today. The Playstation was a better bet, it was so unintentionally versatile that is exceeded the N64 in a number of ways, even though it was older. PSX just had to discover how to perform. My understanding is that the PSX code library was used so far outside of the rails by the end of it's life, but developers had to open it up to complete in the 3d realm.

I am going to have to give my best attempt at unbiased credit to the best of the best as the SNES. It succeeded at just about every genre, Sports, racing, RPG, fighters, platformer, etc. It was also a complete market success, and it's controller became the blueprint of gaming. D-pad, four thumb buttons in a diamond and shoulder buttons. Every console controller is more or less a variant of the SNES pad with thumbsticks. Another thing I think was to Nintendo's success is when they started putting enhancement chips in the carts themselves. It gave the SNES a better lifespan in the mid 90's and eliminated the need for sales killing console upgrades like the Sega CD.


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