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GUN2CRT, the new universal CRT lightgun adapter

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Hey guys,

Most of you probably know me already for my GUN4IR system, the lightgun system that works on pretty much any system/screen.

I have been teasing it for a while now, but here I officially announce my next upcoming lightgun system, that this time is focused only on CRT based gun.
It will take the shape of a VGA/USB box that will allow you to plug any Guncon/G-Con45 compatible gun on any system with a CRT screen.

Here are few of the features of that system;

* Plug and play, just connect the adapter to your device and connect a GCon to it, and you're ready to go.
* No IR sensor or any other special device needed. As it's using the native GCon protocol, that uses analog CRT raster, it will work out of the box
* No special software/processing needed. Like my other system, it will have a standard input that works on any system (Windows, Linux, RPi, MiSTerFPGA...)
* No need for special switches for different video mode. The device should be detecting every video mode automatically and adapt to it.
Here is a small demo of it working on the MiSTerFPGA;

Great job!

This is really impressive.

I want this!

Would love to use a guncon on an arcade cab using the MiSTer.

VGA only?

Cant wait for this, GCon has always been the mother of all lightguns :D


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