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This has been a weird year. My house is paid off so I started investing heavily at the end of 2019 beginning of 2020. When the stocks started crashing in March of 2020 I thought that figures as soon as I start to invest I will just end up losing half my money. I was not too worried about it though, I put my money into 500 index funds so unless the stock market was just over it would come back.  Well as we know it has come back, having gone down 30% it is now up 50%. I don't know what to do anymore, I will keep putting money into 401k every paycheck until I max it out for the year but beyond that. I put $6,000 into my IRA for the year and $3,500 into my HSA for the year but still have not put them into an investment because I don't understand what is going on with the market. I think the government is just printing so much money it is finding itself in the market, if they give us another stimulus check it will be more of the same for the short term anyway.

Large Growth Equity ETF. in my brokerage account. I ended up buying 680 shares at $79.23 per share, it is like $112 per share now.  I will post a picture, It has 338 different tec companies holdings with the first 10 making 57%. Apple along makes almost 22%

What is everyone invested in?

Fundamentals went out the window so long ago that it is a terrifying thing.  Almost all the stocks people are making money on now (when they actually sell it!) have price to earnings ratios that no same person 20 years ago would ever have bought.

Correct about the fed printing press.  It can't end well, but who the hell knows when it all goes pear shaped at this point?
When they stop with the Universal Basic Income trials?
Or when the healthcare/insurance/pharmaceutical cabal collapses- because it finally bankrupted the country.

A dollar collapse is inevitable (as is it's removal as global reserve currency) and the inflation we see in everything already is only going to get worse.

We are on the same path as the UK (the reserve currency issuer before the US) so look to history for how it will all go.
Before it was the French, Dutch, Spanish, Portugeuse...

This crap can't go on forever so all I can say is the one thing my very wealthy neighbor (the currency trader) said was:

"Number one rule of investing is preservation of capital."

Most of my $$ was stolen in 2000 and 2008 by those who run the casino- now I manage my own mess.

ETFs are far safer long term than day trading GameStop and Tesla !
Other than that I have had buy and hold money in Cytosorbents and Blackberry for years now believe it or not.

I'm waiting for BTC to get to 100K then I will cash mine into gold.

The rest is a crap shoot.


--- Quote from: Vocalitus on February 17, 2021, 07:28:14 pm ---I'm waiting for BTC to get to 100K then I will cash mine into gold.

The rest is a crap shoot.

--- End quote ---

At what price did you buy in?

It was 2010 and I think BTC was 5c.


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