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I picked up a used and abused claw crane arcade. The lights turn on but that is about it. I am not sure but there may be something simple that is wrong with it. I have not gotten into it as of yet. Just trying to research it a bit to see if I can find information that might help me trouble shoot it. My thought is to start at the power supply and make sure I have voltage and that it is what it should be. I was also given a PC board that has "GRAYHOUND CRANE CPU REV-2". Any suggestions on where I should start. I will be able to save a re-use some of what is there. But, The cabinet is made of MDF and is warped and bowed and will need to be replaced. That will be no issue as I have a CNC router table I can cut all the cabinet parts on. It is the working part that I am unsure of.

I am happy to report that I was able to repair the system and I now have it working proper.

Here is what I did,

I started with the wiring and replaced a wire nut that had 8 ground wires going into it. I used a connector and put mating connectors on the connecting wires. Then as I continued my search I found a wire broken on one of the limit switches (soldered on) I re-soldered it and after looking over everything and finding nothing else I could see as a issue, I plugged the unit back in and flipped the power switch and it was like magic. The Y axis arrow was blinking and the coin slot light was ON. The screen went to all zeros and the claw moved to the pay chute (Home) After about 20 seconds I figured out I needed to insert a coin to play. I inserted a quarter and moved the claw away and then to the right and when it stopped the claw dropped then raised with no prize but did return to the pay chute (Home) and opened the claw. The coin receiver lit up again because it was ready to take more of my money... I mean ready for me to try again.

So with that I am now looking for info on things like what should I use to clean the coin receiver and the claw carriage.

You wouldn't happen to have any of  the cpu boards for sale, for the crane. Thanks,


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