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Verification email not being sent

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Update and clarification to Saint's post above:

1. So far, Saint still has not found an automatic way to fully fix this issue.   :(

2. He has found a workaround that allows him to manually activate accounts without users replying to the verification e-mail.
- This workaround doesn't allow users to get opt-in e-mails, but it does allow them to do everything else.   ;D
- The workaround also applies if you try to update the e-mail address on your account and no longer have access to your old e-mail address.

If you or a friend need this workaround, please e-mail and include the username and a profile link, if possible, ( i.e. Username "John Bennett";u=103777) so Saint is sure to get the right account in case there are several accounts with similar usernames like the situation here.



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