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Hello Board!

Just to quickly introduce myself & my good ol'mate Lustucruk.
Very glad to have found this stsill very active forum for arcade and games passionates.

I met Lustu back in France almost 20 years ago and we have for long foud a common passion for arcade games and cabinets excitment.
We came to a point were i believe most of you been to.... Building your own !
I've been talking with Lustucruk for years about it have never went to actually get it done, so we decided last month to actually meet again and get the stuff DONE!!! and DONE F***ING properly.

We are both living in China now, and in a hand can be a big advantage when talking about sourcing good electronic parts for a decent amount of dough hahaha. We'll open up very soon the "Work in Progess" thread in the dedicated Board and looking forward to get all of you experts feedback and input to get the project done as fabulous as it can be.

Just finished our first conf call with Lustu and I believe this project is promising and interesting.

Cheers to all you guys and gals, and hope to see you around

Love & all that goes with....

Hadoken !

Hello all!

I feel everything has already been said by my friend here.  ;D
Glad to be on board.
Have a good one.

Welcome aboard! Can't wait to see the goods!

Bienvenue les amis!

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