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Thank you for you reply.
Yes my desktop is extended on my two screens. screen 1 is the one in Tate mode (simply puted on its right side, i had not change the screen orientation in Windows)
Moving screens positions seems not to do anything

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And here is the result on screens

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GroovyMAME 0.264 is out!

What's new with Switchres 2.220b:

[nogpu] New option -[no]mister_interlaced_fb: if enabled, odd and even fields of interlaced modes are sent separately (as in previous releases). If disabled, both fields are sent together and the fpga will pick the correct one based on its current raster status (this avoids field synchronization issues, but requires higher bandwidth).

[nogpu] New input backend -joystickprovider mister: allows using gamepads connected to the MiSTer (2 players).

Both features require up-to-date groovymister core.

GroovyMAME 0.265 is out!

What's new in Switchres 2.220c (April 2024)

- Fix wrong speed on certain games (crusnusa, etc.), always update screen when syncrefresh is on (bypass frameskip).

thank you Calamity!!!!


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