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GroovyMAME 0.261 is out!

What's new in Switchres 2.002x (December 2023)

- [Linux] Add new option -dri_device. Use to force vsync on a specific gpu, e.g. "card0", "card1", etc., or "auto" for automatic selection (currently it will pick the first device with a valid connector.

- [Windows] Raw input improvements. Workaround for devices with buggy drivers. PlayStation triggers hack removed. Should now be compatible with most existing gamepads. [star69rem]


Hello and sorry to ask again about this, but I'm wondering how many of you also get speed fluctuations as mentioned the other day:

--- Quote ---In old versions, previous to the existence of fame delay, the emulation speed was assumed to be perfectly constant, so syncaudio was a good compromise to deal with situations where the speed was slightly (or greatly) off 100%, provided it was a constant value. This tipically happened when running vertical games such as 1942 or galaga on a horizontal monitor. The pitch was lowered as a trade-off.

Now, since the introduction of frame delay, it's become common to have "erratic" speed rates, even if just in a few situations. These speed drops cause annoying pitch variations. If these cases are common, it's a better compromise to dissociate audio from video, and just maybe just cope with an sporadic sample underrun that will probably pass unperceived.

Other sources of these speed fluctuations may be the actual apis used for timing in C++, that might be changing their behaviour over time and provide bad measurements on certain hardware. This would explain some appearently random speed flutuations on otherwise perfectly capable hardware.

--- End quote ---

For me, the case where I get constant 100% speed has become odd, no matter if audiosync is enabled or not. Is this really assumed to be "normal behaviour"? I really don't know if I should worry about it and try to get new hardware at this point or if emulation isn't actually affected once you set the audio properly per game. No issues at all however with groovymame version 0.218.

Also, what's a good game to configure Port Audio settings in general? I many times get sound crackles, but some times syncaudio solves it. As some games sound better with syncaudio and others without it, should I also configure Port Audio individually?


What's new in Switchres 2.002y (December 2023)

- [nogpu] First release with GroovyMiSTer support. New video backend -video mister for RGB video through network.

More information coming in dedicated thread.

What's new in Switchres 2.002z (January 2024)

- [nogpu] Properly compute pixel aspect ratio of nogpu(MiSTer) screen.

What's new in Switchres 2.002zz (January 2024)

- [nogpu]
   - Add audio support.
   - Various fixes to allow building on Mac [djfumberger]
   - Fix blinking on internal FE with lz4
   - Avoid modes bigger than RGB buffer (force 640x480)
   - Add bilinear filterning, linked to -autofilterAdd audio support.


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