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--- Quote from: totozero on January 12, 2022, 03:25:13 am ---Hmmm...
DoDonPachi SaiDaiOuJou ?
exA "politely" asked the mame team to remove support, sending them a formal letter AFAIK.

--- End quote ---

Wow, has this happened before with Mame, a developer asking to remove an arcade game?
Usually the issue is the rom and not the emulator. Funny how emulation in Mame is catching new releases.

It has, and if I recall the last one was indeed the same game Akai Katana. But it was Cave themselves. This 2021 C&D from Exa Arcadia is kind of silly because the game they want to sell is a deep revision which even has a remake as the base, so it's not the same piece at all nor they actually have the rights for it. Anyway the removal has more to do with Exa Arcadia's owner and his relationship with MAME devs.

Though I didn't know that Saidaoioujou was already emulated by MAME officially; is that really the case?

From the top of my head, none that I am aware of.

Technically mame doesn't provide any copyrighted rom but gives a way to emulate games through a framework and drivers (though you could always argue that any reverse engineering which made it possible and was published is actually a violation of an intellectual property).

They self apply the so called rule of ten years i.e they don't include public support to games that aren't at least 10 years old, even if they've been dumped for some time.

Now back to saidaioujou and akaikatana, exA-arcadia bought both IP titles for arcade exploitation and new releases of the games on their platform.

Since Shou, exA-arcadia owner (a well known arcade collector who funnliy enough turns out to be one the top pcb dumpers for mame in his time) threatened mame devs with a legal action, they'd back down and removed support from both games counting from mame 0.240.

Meanwhile Mame 0.239 still has the drivers built-in and the roms keep floatin around on the interweb...


--- Quote from: Recapnation on January 12, 2022, 08:21:20 am ---Though I didn't know that Saidaoioujou was already emulated by MAME officially; is that really the case?

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Yup, pretty much.
They've planned for an official release on April 22 but it was leaked on 0.239.

Long story short, Cuavas explained the matter in details here :

So you can play Saidaioujou with GM 0.239?


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