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Groovymame 0.245 - Switchres 2.002k

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Thank you Calamity for keeping at it.  A great experience made even greater!

This is a great update!

With all of these changes, is the update procedure still to overwrite all the files from the prior version besides the .ini's in the root directory?  Or are there other files we need to retain or regenerate?

 :applaud: :applaud: :applaud: :applaud:
great great job  :notworthy:

Hello Calamity
Thanks a lot for your wonderfull effort to make our hobby great!
Im trying to run 0228b but some strange reason it doesnt want to run, cannot even create a log file, so i will attach a photo so maybe anyone can figure out what is going on.
Strange thing that 0227b runs perfectly fine, on same config.
Using win7 , crt_emudriver 2.0 15, with an ati 6450, display 15khz on \\.\DISPLAY2, and regular dvi with a lcd on \\.\DISPLAY1

Thanks for help

Hi Marcos, is that my full package from github?


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