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Under the "BYOAC Forums" banner at the top of this page, there are navigational links for "main, current events, buy/sell/trade, chatroom, software, and board discussion"

It would be helpful if there were a link for Video/monitors.

Current events hasn't had a post in over a month. Maybe those posts could go into misc?


Read the post right under yours. ::);action=display;num=1023988317

ZZZzzzzzzz...... *snort* *stretch* *rubs eyes*

Huh?  I run a web site?  

*wakes up fully*

Sorry about the tardiness everyone.  Links updated.  Anyone know the status of the HotRod Support Forum?  Not working for me at the moment...

I've searched their entire site and there's no mention of it. Also it seems that the whole is down.


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