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Author Topic: trackfldreset update released!  (Read 414 times)

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trackfldreset update released!
« on: January 19, 2021, 04:42:21 pm »
Originally posted,84048.msg879846.html#msg879846


Initial Release:  August 11, 2008
Updated: January 19, 2021

For many years, nvram images for Track and Field could not be adjusted with this
program because the emulation of the nvram was accurately changed to match that
of Hyper Sports which rendered size auto-detection unable to work therefore not
making any changes.  This release fixes the issue by detecting the contents of a
default nvram image (rather than size) to determine which machine is being.
Also,  upon learning that each game had instances where individual records with
"..." initials could not be overwritten, I retained the default EEE/FFF/GGG and
LLL/MMM/NNN initials that the originally created records had.


trackfldreset allows you to reset the individual events' world records only,
keeping your total game high scores intact.  The scores it creates are the same
as the qualifying amounts for the lowest EASY difficulty level (except when the
game does not allow it - see NOTES).

Simply drag the nvram file (Track and Field or Hyper Sports (or clone)) onto
this application in a folder, or type in command window line:

trackfldreset [filename]

The program will attempt to ID the nvram file by checking a portion of the file.
This detection will be displayed and a rewriting of the provided nvram will be
attempted - rewriting the events' records.

That's it.  Freebasic Source is provided and a WIN32 binary is included.


- In most cases, if you choose to use a higher level of difficulty, records will
  not be updated if you do not qualify - even if your time or distance was good
  enough to be on that list.  This is the way each game was programmed.

Hyper Sports quirks:

- 59s99 is the highest the game allows for a record for the swimming event, even
  though the qualifying is a much higher amount.
- The Long Horse event has an initial qualify score of 8.60.  If you let the
  attract mode run to the point where this event is played, the score the CPU
  always gets is 9.00 which if you haven't already populated it with higher
  scores, will claim a record each time.
Make sure if you use the World Records DIP "Erase on Reset" be sure to shut this
off, selecting "Don't Erase" before applying the modified nvram - as you'll
simply be using the default records every time you start MAME.

Also, it's important that you back up your original nvram file, especially if
you have records you do not want to potentially lose.  I will not be held
accountable if something goes wrong.