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My experience buying a new Time Crisis pedal from Betson


Just wanted to let folks know that you can buy a brand new Time Crisis pedal from Betson Imperial for about $100. I chose standard UPS shipping. It took about a week to arrive and they charged me $30 to ship it from New Jersey to Wisconsin, but it's really heavy, about 10 pounds, so that seems reasonable. I should also mention that it took a few days before the purchase was approved and they sent the item. They also don't give you the shipping and handling amount upfront. I imagine that you might be able to call them and ask for estimated rates before purchasing.

No rust, no squeak, and not that much more money than what a lot of people are paying on ebay. I have an old playstation non-analog controller that I hacked the R1 button to use this pedal on my PS1 and PS2 consoles. I tried using it on my PS3 for Time Crisis 4 and unfortunately couldn't get it to work, although the controller functions through a USB converter.

If you do order one, be aware that you need a star bit screwdriver to open it up and the existing wiring is purple to Normally Open (NO), black is ground, and green is grounded to the metal body of the pedal.

I've been thinking about buying one of these for a long time, generally balking at the price, but I caved after seeing this YouTube video:


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