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house of the dead 3 (pc) crashing

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Hey guys!

I installed house of the dead 3 (pc version) already several times on my computer, but the game keeps crashing after i started it. I just seea black (full) screen for a short amount of time and then the whole game is closing down. I am trying to run the game on a windows 10 pc and already tried to fix the problem concerning SafeDisc retail DRM, but i think that this is not the problem here.

Did anyone of u experience similiar problems? The funny thing about this ism that at first - when i installed the crack and demulshooter for the first time - it worked perfectly for - lets say, three times - and since then it never worked again.

I would be really glad if u guys could help me out here!

Cheers and thank you!

Yeah the game has issues.  I've had similar problems.  If your pc is powerful enough perhaps run it on a ps3 emulator. 

I would run it on an older OS like Vista SP1 or Windows 7.

Windows 10 is a pig.  Nothing exotic runs on it.  It took me like 2 hours to get Crysis to run on windows 10.

Makes you want to install Windows 8.1 (again).

Actually hotd3 always had issues on vista or above.  It's just an odd game or something.


1.- Have you tried adding the game folder to the exclusion list of Windows Defender?
2.- Do you have all vc redist and directx installed and updated?
3.- Did you try to run the game in different compatibility modes?


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