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Mapping Buttons Across Multiple Encoders?


I am using two zero delay USB encoders with 12 inputs each. With Player 1 and Player 2 having 9 buttons each and 4 additional admin buttons I had to split the admin buttons across both encoders, 2 on P1 side and 2 on P2 side. But the frontend (Bigbox) and other software like Pinball Arcade will only recognize buttons plugged into the P1 side, not allowing me to "mix and match" across encoders. Is there any way around this? I realize getting an I-Pac with more inputs on a single encoder would fix this but would like to work with what I have first.

I don't like walking away from material either, but...

You will do yourself an enormous favor by ditching those and buying an encoder from Ultimarc or GroovyGameGear.

Not just in initial setup but also in overall function.

I'm as frugal as anyone- until it comes to wasting my time.

Older I get, the more I realize that the most valuable of resources should not be squandered, and time is the most critical part of the equation.

I can make more money, more children, more of a mess...

But NOone can make more time, yeah?


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