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Well if you don't have the tools and enjoy building stuff then why are you on this site?  Seriously that's kind of our whole deal here. 

What I will say is pinball parts are expensive, so you have to keep that in mind. 

Well I am not saying to go out and buy MDF and make your own (you could) but lets start out simple and buy a few parts a pinball Duo, mod it for the PC [/url], cheap monitors from goodwill, spare PC from the basement.  Done.  $350 and you can do what you want - blank canvas.  I'd go for the extra $120 for graphics.

Which would be better?  Locked in with awful blah SW tables for $550.00 or $350.00 neutral black cabinet with PinMame+VPin.  BYOAC the rest.  Legends Pinball is $700 and you get Gottlieb pinball games....

So far, that hasnít been the trend. Buying and modding is the way of the 1upper. At least, for most of them.

I really do think itís not a one to one comparison, configuring tables, front ends and what not is a lot of work and know how required.

No it's not because those star wars tables suck, where you can get recreations of real tables via vp/fp.  ;)   Sometimes the extra work is worth it. 



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