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Arcade 1up - Asteroids 8-1 Partycade MOD to PC 12-1


Arcade 1up - Asteroids 8-1 Partycade MOD to PC 12-1
GOAL :Using All in one HP PC to do 12-1 dedicated games to match
the original Asteroids theme. (More can be added later).

Added - 4 games Tempest Tubes [MOD], Space Duel, Quantum, Major Havoc

Added enhanced graphics, and display overlays for these games:
Asteroids - bezel overlay, crt monitor with burn in, and curvature
Asteroids deluxe - overlay of background
Lunar Lander - overlay graphics with LED
Warlords - Overlay showing castle graphics and instruction bezel

Fixed - Super Breakout plays all 3 variations (Cavity, Double, Progressive)

Fixed - All spinner games work properly

Rationale - Replace the standard 8 games, and add 4 more, while fixing controls
for spinner games.

NOTE: YES, there are 2 more vertical games, but they are fine on a slightly larger screen.
- Quantum
- Tempest Tubes

YES, there is are trackball games too, because I liked vector games:
- Quantum
- Major Havoc can also use a spinner

Technical Details:
Controls - 1 arcade joystick for all button games
         - 1 logitech marble trackball
         - 1 custom USB spinner

Graphics - Built in Widescreen 16:10 17 inch LCD
Aspect ratio - 4:3, fullscreen, zoom - adjustable per games

Sound    - Built in stereo speakers
Volume  - Full 0-100 internal, and external volume
        - Stereo Sound

Simplicity - Basically replaces all the Arcade 1up screen, controls, and PCB.

Yes, I know, basically I ended up buying it for the shell, but I am
planning on doing something with PCB and controls somewhere, if they
ever fix the spinner issues with the steps.

games: Final listing of games, types, controls
Horizontal - Buttons
Asteroids - Horizontal - Buttons - Enhanced graphics bezel, CRT curvature, burn-in
Asteroid Deluxe - Horizontal - Buttons - Enhanced graphics overlay
Gravitar - Horizontal - Buttons
Space Duel - Horizontal - Buttons

Spinner - Horizontal
Avalanche - Horizontal - Spinner or Trackball
Lunar Lander - Horizontal - Buttons and spinner for thrust - Enhanced LED and panel
Major Havoc - Horizontal - Spinner or Trackball
Warlords - Horizontal - Spinner - Enhanced graphics bezel and overlay

Spinner - Vertical
Super Breakout - Vertical - Spinner - Added 2 other variants
Tempest - Vertical - Spinner
Tempest Tubes (mod) - Vertical - Spinner

Trackball - Vertical
Quantum - Vertical - Trackball

Free software x-launchpad for Windows 7
Free MAME 0.106
Free graphics and artwork located on MAME art sites

I have launchpad setup with custom Arcade 1up graphics.

Made shortcuts to launch command line version of games with options,
full screen, vector effects, and controls.

Use trackball for selections and starting.

Map all keyboard functions to joystick.

From there, just click on the Marquee of the game to play,
when it ends, it returns back to selection screen.

parts needed
None - but will be removing bezel from PC to make
it fit into cabinet.

Will also either use a custom control panel,
or drill holes in current one

Add on Price - $0 (FREE PC from friend) - $100
      - $30 Trackball
      - $30 Custom USB Spinner
      - $30 USB Arcade joystick
$90 - $190

Steps and Disassembly
Open up back of partycade, remove
sides, remove bezel and monitor.

Remove control panel (optional)

Find support for monitor to be right height
(mines a little high right now).

Also need to remove bezel to make it fit.

Time to completion, about 1 hour.

Final thoughts
This is a HUGE improvement over the original.
4 Extra games
Previous games all have enhanced graphics, sounds and controls
that work properly and fit each game.

I can add as many games as I want later on.

Difficulty level of Mod : moderate if doing all control panel and screen properly
                          beginner if you just placing screen and controls separately

Images, will post video afterward:


Videos of first 6 games:

Videos of the other 6 games:

Note : Super Breakout includes all 3 variants


What monitor did you use?


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