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Gottlieb Stargate Starflyer not working. Help!



Iím hoping someone can help me.

When I bought my Gottlieb Stargate pinball machine the starflyer forward-back motor was missing, just this week my new one came in the mail and is now installed.

In the test menu the pyramid works fine, the starflyer moves in and out and side to side fine, the home switches on both starflyer movements trigger ok too.
During gameplay when the starflyer should come out it moves side to side to find centre and stops, then the pyramid up solenoid gives a tiny blip (pyramid does a little jump) then nothing else until the starflyer mode ends then then it goes side to side to find centre again and thatís it.

If I move the starflyer out manually a bit (home switch off) then power cycle the machine the starflyer will move the rest of the way out then back in and stop as it should so that part is working.

I have swapped the game rom with an earlier version with no change.

I have swapped the io board and the cpu board with another machine and it made no difference.

Whatís left to check?


Itís been 15 years since Iíve owned this game.  Iíd check your pyramid solenoid to make sure it can easily actuate.  If there are any opto switches, make sure theyíre clean.

Post over on pinside, you are more likely to get help.


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